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Duty Station: Juba (with frequent field travel to remote locations of the Republic of South Sudan)

REPORTS TO: Country Director



The overall objective of the Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (referred to as Help) in South Sudan is to assist the South Sudanese to respond and react to community WASH, Nutrition and Food Security/Livelihood needs. To achieve this objective, Help implements a multi-sectoral program that includes Food Security & Livelihood, Nutrition, and WASH as key activities. Help currently works closely with the County WASH Departments in large scale country-wide WASH and nutrition programming. Help’s Nutrition and Food Security programming is expanding its outreach mechanisms and introducing new initiatives. Help has program activities mainly in former Lakes States, Yirol and the surrounding.


The Logistics/Safety Coordinator is responsible for the efficient coordination and management of the logistics, supply chain and field safety functions for Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe South Sudan Country Program in compliance with Help’s and it’s donor regulations. The positon will provide direct supervision to Logistics Officers, Stores Clerk in Juba and dotted line management operations support staff in field offices. Key responsibilities include staff safety management, procurement, inventory and warehousing management, assets and properties management and vehicle & transport management. The position reports to the Country Director and will work closely with the Dep. Country Director – Operations for a smooth complimentary interlink to a combined support aspect to respond and meet the program’s operational demands.



  1. Ensure timely, cost efficient & transparent supply chain management in the area (taking into account logistics activities in the area as a support to other areas if any):
  • Ensure that Help procurement guidelines are applied in the all procurement processes in the country at all times
  • Maintain an up-to-date supplier database & build a strategic view of sourcing of program implementation supplies, works and services
  • Support the design of budgets by checking main unit prices as well as maintaining an up-to date knowledge of running costs
  • Ensure the development of the procurement plan for every project, in close coordination with the technical teams, taking into consideration project constraints, donors & Help procurement
    guidelines, and any other specifics
  • Coordinate procurement with capital & other field offices logistics & program staff. Anticipate procurement risks such as tender failure, delivery planning, seasonality, budget restrictions
    custom clearance, etc., and liaise efficiently with relevant departments/technical focal points to mitigate related risks.
  • Forecast and identified major risks and directly raise them Country Director/Dep. Country Director - Ops
  • Ensure the timely implementation of procurements in full compliance with Help’s logistics procedures, in particular procurement scenarios & level of authorizations.
  • Maintain framework contracts for running supplies/services/works in alignment with Help’s procurement guidelines; ensure constant availability of running supplies/services/works
  • Apply the value for money principle throughout the procurement process by implementing sound suppliers/service providers/contractors offers comparison, physical quality check, search for the best prices, etc.
  • Ensure the efficient & exhaustive circulation, filing & archiving of procurement documentation as detailed in Help logistics manual (tender documents, contracts, quotations, etc.) Stocks & deliveries
  • Lead in identifying warehouses/storage space based on needs in the area
  • Ensure goods transportation means such as rental trucks, air cargo, etc are safe and secured from possible risks.
  • Follow-up deliveries based on contractual terms. Liaise efficiently with suppliers for timely deliveries and efficient solving of any unforeseen logistical challenges
  • Anticipate & mitigate delivery risks such as: transportation, legal authorizations, custom clearance, quality checks, etc
  • Manage an efficient planning for deliveries to the project teams, and maintain a regular feedback/information with technical focal points about their stock levels & expected lead-times;
  • Ensure Help stocks & delivery guidelines are applied in the area at all times
  • Maintain and disseminate a monthly stock report for every project to relevant technical leads
  • Handle periodic inventories/asset verification, and clear any stock discrepancies in a documented manner
  • Ensure the exhaustion of stocks before the project ending dates and provide projects final stock reports to the Country Director and as per donors’ guidelines
  • Implement an up-to-date order follow-up in PRF Tracker, registering all orders launched and their current status; disseminate the tool to all technical focal points
  • Ensure that quantity & quality is checked at every step of the supply chain
  • Conduct random checks during regular field visits as well as amongst day-to-day tasks to ensure overall traceability of items
  1. Ensure timely, cost efficient & transparent logistical management in the country (taking into account logistics activities as a support to program):

Fleet & transportation management

  • Anticipate vehicles allocations, purchase or rental based on program & transversal needs; liaise with the technical SMT to anticipate budgets accordingly;
  • Ensure that Help fleet management guidelines are applied in the area at all times: logbooks, registration & maintenance sheets, etc.
  • Ensure that all vehicles in use are insured accordingly
  • Review & implement an efficient maintenance strategy in the country in alignment of the country maintenance strategy (in terms of operations as well as in terms of costs)
  • Ensure that security & safety guidelines are applied in every vehicle in use, and for any movement;
  • Maintain a monthly physical inventory of fleet, and update related tools accordingly;
  • Calculate and check the monthly cost of each vehicle (fuel consumption, repairs, insurance, etc.); investigate and solve major over-costs; report major increases in fleet costs to the Country Director
  • Identify transportation options for complimentary support to Help fleet, taking into consideration opportunities made available through the humanitarian community (logistics cluster,
    UN flights, etc.): vehicle rental companies, air cargo companies, boat lines, etc
  • Organize and oversee loading and unloading of goods
  • Ensure administrative requirements toward customs and any other local authority when transporting goods/commodities
  • Organize regular drivers training and refreshers (driving, security & safety, basic maintenance, crisis management, etc);
  • Ensure the effective filing & archiving of fleet & transportation documentation as detailed in Help logistics manual; (logbooks, maintenance sheets, administrative authorizations, insurance cards, etc.)
  • Manage fuel supply in the area in compliance with Help procurement guidelines; anticipate & mitigate fuel supply risks/loses if any.
  • Ensure minimum fuel quantity and quality requirements
  • Ensure that Help fuel management guidelines are applied at all times: fuel slips, fuel bills, standard consumption rates, etc.
  • Maintain appropriate storage facilities for fuel, as per security & safety guidelines
  • Maintain a monthly fuel inventory, and update related tools accordingly; discrepancies with
    standard consumption rates should be investigated and documented.

Asset management

  • Anticipate assets allocations, purchase or rental based on program needs; liaise with County Director/Technical leads to anticipate budgets accordingly;
  • Ensure that Help asset management guidelines are applied at all times
  • Maintain an up-to-date monthly asset follow-up per project code, budget line, with a clear
    location & user for each asset; investigate and document any loss or damage.
  • Organize monthly and random asset/inventories verification and spot checks asset follow up
    reliability, and take any corrective action needed;
  • Organize regular staff training and refreshers (right use of computers & radios, installation & cost effective
    use of generators/solar appliances, etc)
  • Ensure the transfer or donation of assets before project ending dates, and provide projects
    final asset reports to the Country Director and as per donors’ guidelines;
  • Ensure the effective filing & archiving of asset documentation as
    detailed in Help logistics manual/Asset Management

Premises management

  • Lead in identifying & arrange contractual terms of premises (offices, accommodation & warehouses) based
    on geographical location, operational, security, and financial criteria, in close liaison with the Deputy Country Director - Ops and
    the Country Director
  • Supervise preventive & corrective maintenance or works in Help premises
  • Ensure that security & safety guidelines are applied in every Help premises
  • Ensure the effective filing & archiving of premises documentation
    (lease agreements, security assessments, etc.)

Communications & IT management

  • Anticipate communication & IT needs & communication means allocations, purchase or rental accordingly based on program needs; liaise with the CD/Dep. CD and to anticipate budgets accordingly;
  • Ensure that Help communication & IT management guidelines are applied in the country program;
  • Maintain a monthly communication costs follow-up; investigate and solve major over-costs; report major increases in communication costs to the CD/dep. CD in monthly reports.
  • Ensure administrative requirements toward national and local authorities on communication means are adhered to;
  • Define & implement an efficient IT plan in the country in alignment with the help global IT plan (in terms of operations as well as in terms of costs): handle market surveys of maintenance services, internet connections opportunities, etc.
  • Ensure monthly data back-up (server, emails, etc.) and protection as per replication standards;
  • Organize IT staff regular training & refreshers;
  • Ensure IT security guidelines, and take any needed corrective action if need be
  • Ensure the effective filing & archiving of communication & IT documentation (lease agreements and their relevant security assessments, etc.)
  1. Ensure compliance to Help & donors’ procedures in all logistics/safety operations in Country Program
  • Ensure Help logistics manual is applied in the country by logistics, finance, program and program coordination teams
  • Ensure that donors’ specific requirements for logistics & procurement are met;
  • Enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption and ensure adherence to Help Code of Conduct and Anti-Fraud policy
  • Report logistics progress on a monthly basis as per Help logistics manual, after carefully checking the reliability & relevance of data reported from field offices;
  • Develop a defined plan for field visits (sub-areas if any) with clear ToRs, including ad hoc checks (asset & stock inventories, fuel consumption, etc.) and written report following each visit; the planning & ToR to be shared with the CD/Dep. CD in advance.
  • Organize regular logistics staff training & refreshers internally about Help procedures, lessons learnt, FAQ, etc. through formal team meetings, workshops or field visits;
  • Capitalize on lessons learnt through memos, training module, etc. for continuous improvements of logistics compliance in country
  • Follow-up & update internal & external audit report for logistics for the country program
  • Ensure a timely and accurate logistics document flow to the country Finance unit and Transparency/Compliance focal points at HQ
  • Contribute to the preparation of internal/external audits as per HQ Audit/compliance team’s instructions.
  1. Focal Point to the implementation Field Safety & Security Guidelines, in particular Security Plans and Related SOP in the Country.
  • With support from CD/Dep. CD, review and regularly update existing security documents at both country and localized levels.
  • Review Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) adapted to the local context
  • Review regularly, update and ensure preparedness (check contingency hibernation kits, first aid kits etc.) to evacuation and contingency plans for Help Bases in the country.
  • Fill in and regularly update the Risk Analysis Matrix (threat, likelihood, impact, level of vulnerability, level of risk) for the country program
  • Set up and control the implementation of mitigation measures and security rules according to the local context and ensure compliance with Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS) as set by UNDSS/NGO-Forum security advisors.
  • Carry out security assessments of new Help facilities, ensure a standard level of facilities safety including guarding services
  • Produce real-time incidents report (using Help Incident Report Form)
  • Attend relevant security coordination meetings/forums at national level
  1. Other
  • Plan, conduct logistics staff recruitments & appraisals in close coordination with the HR/Admin team; train & build capacities of logistics staff; identify staff with potential, and contribute to internal HR development strategy;
  • Lead coordination between the logistics teams and Technical coordinators to facilitate effective, efficient and timely program implementation
  • Represent Help in relevant logistics and communication networks, actively building relevant relationships (logistics cluster, NGO-F Security Working Group Meetings etc.)
  • Actively participate in country level coordination and reporting on progress;
  • Contribute to donor proposals, budgets and reports in close coordination with the CD/Dep. CD and technical teams
  • Contribute to Emergency Response planning and Contingency planning efforts linked to logistics and procurement needs execution

Key Competencies, Skills, Qualifications and Other desirable Qualities:

  • BA or MA Degree in Logistics
  • Min. 3 years of prior experience in Logistics and staff safety/security management in humanitarian settings
  • The ability and prior experience in project management including Human resources, logistics/staff safety follow up, reporting,
  • Proven ability in strategic coordination with multiple and multilevel partners and stakeholders across the project areas
  • Leadership skills and aptitude
  • Be able to cope with field movement and have presence on where need is basis
  • Patience, tact and sensitivity
  • Diplomacy and strong communication skills
  • Willingness to work and live in often remote areas under basic conditions

Languages: Good English command (spoken and written) essential;



  • Salary defined by the Help’s salary grid depending on education level, expertise, security level and experience
  • Accommodation provided by Help in common compound/ or housing
  • Flight tickets in and out + Visa taken in charge by Help
  • Provision of medical and insurances


HOW TO APPLY: If you qualify and are readily available for immediate deployment; please send, in English, your cover letter, CV, and three references to NOT later than 28th February 2020.