Terms of Reference Development of Safety and Security Management System for Johanniter in  DR Congo, North Kivu

1. Introduction

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. (JUH) is a German Christian non-governmental organisation, dedicated to excellence with regard to first aid, ambulance service, social service programmes and other projects in the medical and social field. The Federal Headquarter is based in Berlin, Germany. Johanniter International Assistance (hereafter Johanniter) is JUH’s unit for humanitarian aid, development co-operation and emergency response, implementing and supporting projects worldwide.

Johanniter has been active in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1995.  
The regional focus for Johanniter in DR Congo (DRC) is in North Kivu Masisi, Mweso and Katoyi. Other potential areas for future activities might be identified with the country team.
The target groups include host communities, internally displaced people (IDPs), children under five (U5), pregnant and lactating women (PLW), rural population, Ministry of Health (MoH).

In DRC, Johanniter focuses currently on three thematic areas:

1) Improving access to primary and secondary health care
2) Emergency nutritional intervention
3) Improving access to drinking water

2. Overall Objective of the Assignment
Development of a comprehensive Safety and Security System for Johanniter DRC project areas and the country office (CO) in Goma.

In detail:

  • A safety and security threat assessment and risk analysis is conducted and volatility considered
  • Preventive and mitigating measures for the identified risks are developed
  • The residual risks are defined and justified in relation to the programme criticality
  • The current Johanniter Safety and Security Management Plan (SMP) for DRC is reviewed and adapted in line with the current International Safety and Security Guideline of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.
  • Staff understands and is trained on the SMP and therefore able to adhere it
  • Further training needs are identified.
  • The SMP is implemented
  • A monitoring system for the SMP is developed to ensure the SMP is respected and can be continuously improved.
  • Johanniter security officer is trained on monitoring, evaluation and further improvement the SMP, risk and context analysis, security networking and communication
  • Johanniter offices and premises as well as international staff`s housing are assessed for safety and security and recommendations for improvements made.

3. Methodology
The consultant should address the following:

3.1 Face to face discussions with Johanniter staff, both national and international, to

  • develop an understanding of the current safety and security culture, understanding and capacity
  • understand the mandate, actual activities and standing of Johanniter in North Kivu, DRC.

3.2 Discussions with INGOs, UN agencies and other relevant stakeholders at national and state level (if possible face to face) to develop an understanding of Johanniter standing from their perspective and the current safety and security situation in North Kivu. These discussions shall be conducted together with the HoM or his deputy

3.3 Physical travel on the frequently used routes and to the project locations to

  • conduct a holistic on site threats assessment from which the risk analysis derives. Environmental scanning and actor mapping shall be part of the assessment.
  • drawing of a road risk level map
  • assess likelihood and impact of the assessed threats.
  • derive the mitigating and preventive measures based on the findings.

3.4 Advise on the procurement of required safety and security related equipment, services and trainings

3.5 Write a comprehensive SMP for Johanniter in DRC, written in French and not exceeding 25 pages (excl. annexes).

3.6 Face to face introduction and training for all staff on the new SMP

3.7 Face to face introduction and training on the job for the national security officer of Johanniter

3.8 Write report in French on findings and recommendations for the future.

All activities shall be coordinated with the HoM and Logistics Coordinator. They shall continuously be kept informed about the progress of the conducted activities and the further planning.

4. Logistics
Johanniter will support the consultant during their work on the ground in regards to transport, translation (if applicable), accommodation and contacts to other actors.

5. Location and Duration of the Assessment
The duty station for the assignment is in Goma. At the beginning and end of the assignment the consultant will stay in Goma for briefing and debriefing. Assessments will have to be conducted in the project areas (Masisi, Mweso, Katoyi). The duration of the consultancy is expected to be maximum 8 weeks.

6. Deliverables / Output

  1. DRC Safety and Security Plan in French
  2. Risk analysis
  3. Road risk level map
  4. Actor map
  5. Staff trainings in French
  6. Training and handover to security officer
  7. Handover to HoM
  8. Written report on observations and findings during the mission submitted to HQ. The report shall include but is not limited to findings and recommendations for the future implementation of project activities in relation to the potential threats.
  9. The Consultant will present his result during a debriefing at the CO in Goma and with Johanniter Headquarters in Berlin (video call).

7. Qualifications and Competences  

  • The consultant or consultant team must have experience, expertise and knowledge to carry out safety and security assessments in hostile environments
  • Have at least five (5) years of experience in conducting similar safety and security consultancies and/or evaluations of humanitarian missions
  • NGO/non-profit experience
  • Have a thorough understanding and knowledge of UN Security and humanitarian standards
  • Experience working in North Kivu and good knowledge of the geographical areas of the evaluation would be desirable
  • Fluency in English (written and oral) is mandatory, a high degree of French (written and oral) is mandatory and local languages (Swahili, Hunde and Kinyarwanda) are a plus

8. Conditions of the Consultancy

  • Location of the consultancy: North Kivu (Goma with visits to the Health Zones of Katoyi, Masisi, Mweso)
  • Timeframe and duration: The consultancy is expected to be for 8 weeks and take place between December 2021 and March 2022 (exact dates tbd in accordance with Country Office).
  • Johanniter will cover all transportation and accommodation in the field as well as transport in Goma.
  • The consultant is responsible for arranging their own transportation to Goma, accommodation while in Goma, insurance and communication costs
  • Johanniter can facilitate the visa application, if necessary

9. Selection of Security Consultant and Deadline for Submission  
Interested consultants should submit their expressions of interest to Johanniter with the following documents:

  • Technical offer including the timeline for the realisation of the mission
  • Financial offer including costs for travel, accommodation, per diem, etc.
  • Information regarding the professional experience of the consultant and the members of his / her team, including CV with certificates and diplomas and three recent professional references and two proofs of consultancies similar to the present
  • Information regarding availability for this consultancy

The application must be submitted by email no later than October 31, 2021 by e-mail to the following addresses:
melanie.ploeger@thejohanniter.org AND soumana.konate@thejohanniter.org 

Any application that is submitted after the deadline will be rejected. Please note that due to the urgency of the situation, we may begin the pre-selection process before the deadline has passed. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

10. Selection Process
The selection of the consultant will be based on a combined evaluation with scores of 60% for the technical evaluation and 40% for the financial evaluation.