Brot für die Welt is looking for a Consultant / Trainer to Conduct a Digital Hate Speech / Cyber-Bullying Workshop Series with Partners from the Global South

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp have become an integral part of civil society mobilisation and advocacy. They give informal and formal civil society - activists, bloggers and social movements - the opportunity to reach large numbers of people quickly and directly, to create a counter-public for issues that were often lost in public discourse, and to mobilise. However, smear campaigns against critical civil society voices including Brot für die Welt (Bfdw) partners today usually start in social media. Cyber bullying - the deliberate insulting, threatening, embarrassing or harassing of others using internet and mobile phone services over a long period of time - is affecting more and more of our partners. The aim is usually to isolate and discredit the victims and limit their expression of opinion. People are being intimidated and silenced. As a result, this keeps many of them from actively participating on platforms, on the web and in public. In order to support our partners to defend themselves against cyberbullying and false information and to remain active on social media, Brot für die Welt plans to conduct a series of workshops and looks for a consultant /trainer to support this project.  

Main tasks of the Consultant / Trainer

  • Leading and conducting interactive training sessions
  • Providing content and conceptual advice in preparations for the overall concept for the workshop series
  • Participation in digital sessions for preparation, conceptualization and follow-up of the different workshop sessions
  • Presentations during the different workshop sessions
  • Support in documenting analysis, good practices, training content, advocacy demands and next steps

Qualifications and Experience

  • Proven experience as trainer in conducting online workshops on how to preempt and react to cyberbulling / hate speech with persons affected from the Global South
  • Proven experience in the conception, planning and facilitation/implementation of interactive online workshops
  • Proven experience in working with development NGOs and their partners

Objectives of the Workshop

1. Joint analysis:
What are the problems? Who/what is causing the problems? Why? What are the consequences for the partners’ work and beneficiaries?

2. Needs assessment:
What is needed by partners? (Incl.: What should the next workshops consider?)

3. Good practices and training sessions
What are good practices? (Having in mind that these are often dependent on context.) How should we respond?

4. Development of advocacy demands & future advocacy strategy.
What needs to change? Who are our addressees? What are our common demands? How can we convince? What are possible levers? Where can we start / which initiatives can we strengthen?

5. Ideas for further work and possible support offers by BfdW
How can and does BfdW want to continue working on this issue? How can BfdW support its partners in future?

Participants of the Workshop
Participants will not exceed 30 persons and will be partners affected of Brot für die Welt, partners with specific expertise as well as selected staff.

Procedure / Method

  • Identify the needs of the partners affected and take them seriously.
  • Joint analysis of challenges by partners affected and experts
  • Exchange on good practices
  • Training sessions responding to partners’ needs

Series of Workshops on the Different Objectives:

1. Kick Off / Initial Workshop: Joint clarification of terms / analysis of challenges / needs assessment

2. Up to three workshops: Exchange on good practices combined with training sessions with I-am-here (according to the needs): e.g.

  • Counter speaking / positive narrative
  • Why to react to attacks / self-care
  • Facilitation: how can you navigate fake news;
  • Exact contents will be determined after the needs assessment during kick off workshop.

3. Final workshop on development of advocacy demands, and ideas for further work.

Expected Results the Workshop

  • Documentation of analysis, "good practices" and contents of the training.
  • Exchange and qualification of participants in reaction and prevention of cyberbullying / hate speech / fake news
  • Networking of participants
  • First list of advocacy demands on the topic
  • Concrete ideas for further work on the topic

E Place
Digital format

F Time
Autumn 2021 (November) onwards; several sessions of approx. 3.5-4 hours (3 hour workshop programme with air for breaks); biweekly or monthly.

If you are interested, please send your quote to until 26. September 2021.