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Writing a Curriculum for Managers of Adult Education Centres
Call for Proposals
1 Introduction
DVV International is the Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. (DVV), the German Adult Education Association. DVV represents the interests of the approximately 900 adult education centres (Volkshochschulen) and their state associations, the largest further education providers in Germany. As the leading professional organisation in the field of adult education and development cooperation, DVV International has committed itself to supporting lifelong learning for more than 50 years. DVV International provides worldwide (in more than 30 partner countries) support for the establishment and development of sustainable structures for Youth and Adult Learning and Education. In recent years, DVV International has, in collaboration with partners, produced two universal curricula for adult edcuators to be used as a basis of instruction for adult education development project worldwide. The first one was Curriculum globALE (CG) which is a cross-cultural, output-orientated core curriculum for training adult educators worldwide (https://www.dvv-international.de/en/ale-toolbox curriculum-globale/curriculum-globale/download-center-curriculum-globale) and which has been piloted in many DVV International project countries since. The second was 
Curriculum institutionALE which is a framework for the organisational development of adult education institutions: https://www.dvv-international.de/en/ale-toolbox/organisation-and-management/curriculum-institutionale curriculum-institutionale/download-center-curriculum-institutionale
The envisaged third curriculum now envisages to serve as a competency-based curriculum for managers in and heads of adult education centres. It is intended to be a blueprint for the
implementation of training cycles for adult education managers in DVV International projects worldwide.
2 Background
Between 2018 and 2020, DVV International implemented management training cycles for managers in non-formal education in Laos and Cambodia. Based on these training cycles, a
rough structure of six modules for the intended curriculum was developed in close dialogue with DVV International offices worldwide. The structure includes the following six modules:
  • Basic Knowledge on Adult Learning and Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning
  • Internal Management and Leadership Skills
  • Cooperation and Networking
  • Financial Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
In the envisaged curriculum, these modules are now to be developed further matching the structures of a competency-based curriculum as in the Curriculum globALE and the Curriculum institutionALE.
As the Curriculum will be closely connected to CG and CI, it should include cross-references to those curricula and adapt relevant content (especially regarding modules 1 and 6). It
should further include suggestions for the duration of modules, recommendations for implementation and ensure coherence between topics, outputs and competencies to be
developed by each module. Furthermore, coherence between the different modules should be ensured and elaborated on.
3 Objectives
The assignment should achieve the following objective:
Develop a competency-based curriculum for heads of and managers in adult education centres in close dialogue with an advisory group consisting of representatives of DVV International and its partners
4 Deliverables and tasks
In the frame of this assignment the following deliverable must be provided by the selected consultant/expert:
A competency-based curriculum for heads of and managers in adult education centres.
The curriculum must be written in English.
5 Support to be provided by DVV International:
  • Provision of key documents
  • Constant feedback on draft documents
  • Support in arranging exchange through skype/zoom meetings and webinars
6 Indicative Timetable
  • Questions for clarification possible until (including a request for the background document on the structure of the different modules) : 8th April 2021
  • Deadline for the submission of proposals: 20th April 2021
  • Selection & contracting of the expert/team of experts: 30th April 2021
  • Introductory (online) briefing: between 4th and 7th May 2021
  • Agreement on detailed workplan: 15th May 2021
  • First Draft: 30th September 2021
  • Final Version: 30th November 2021
7 Right of use
DVV International will have the exclusive and unlimited right to use the results of the project.
The transfer of this right of use is complete with the payment made to the Contractor. The Contractor has right of use permission strictly limited for personal non-commercial purposes.
Transfer of the right of use to third parties is excluded.
8 Responsible person(s) at DVV International and support
The main contact will be the DVV International Regional Office Southeast Asia will act in close collaboration with the Asian counterparts in Central Asia and the Middle East as well as
DVV International HQ.
9 Application
All interested candidates should submit their proposals consisting of the following documents:
a) Cover letter (1 page);
b) CV(s) of person(s) involved in assignment,
c) Technical proposal covering the following aspects (max. 5 pages):
a. Own understanding of the task;
b. Methodological approach
c. Draft Work Plan
d) A detailed financial offer based on the number of expert days and daily rate.
Please note that the maximum budget available is 20.000 €.
This should cover all expenditures, including – if applicable – travel.
The proposals (preferably – as .pdf-file) must be sent by close of business on the 20th of April
2021 to the following e-mail address: heilmann@dvv-international.la (Dr. Johann Heilmann, Regional Director DVV International Southeast Asia).
10 Assessment of the proposals
The proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• Qualifications of expert/team of experts (counts one third);
• Technical proposal (counts one third);
• Financial proposal (counts one third).