About medica mondiale

medica mondiale e.V. is a non-governmental organisation based in Cologne, Germany. As a feminist women’s rights and aid organisation medica mondiale supports women and girls in war and crisis zones throughout the world. Through own programmes and in cooperation with local women’s organisations we offer holistic support to women and girl survivors of sexualised and gender-based violence. On the political level, we pro-actively promote women’s rights, call for a rigorous punishment of crimes as well as effective protection, justice and political participation for survivors of violence. Currently medica mondiale is working in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan, in Afghanistan, in West Africa, in Southeastern Europe as well as the African Great Lakes Region.

Call for Expressions of Interest


Consultant(s) on development and promotion of safeguarding policies for medica mondiale’s partner organisations

(Afghanistan, Iraq/Kurdistan, South Eastern Europe, West Africa, African Great Lakes Region)

(Preliminary Terms of Reference: 30/03/2021)


medica mondiale has a zero tolerance towards all forms of sexualized and gender-based violence and power abuse. medica mondiale puts the well-being and safety of her own staff, of staff of her partner organisations and all individuals participating in the projects and programs funded by medica mondiale or implemented jointly with her partner organisations at the heart of her work. Therefore, medica mondiale is committed to assessing and promoting existing safeguarding policies, procedures and mechanisms both for herself and for her partners as well as to developing complementary ones.

While medica mondiale aims at supporting her partner organisations to develop and/or strengthen and implement safeguarding solutions, policies and procedures, she recognises that the organisational development processes connected with it are always context-specific and must be locally owned. Therefore, medica mondiale is committed to supporting the safeguarding development processes tailored to the needs of specific organisations and donor requirements.

medica mondiale does this by:

  • Engaging in dialogue about safeguarding, jointly exploring and reviewing the safeguarding policies and standards with her partner organizations and providing guidance if needed.
  • Sharing safeguarding resources and relevant external capacity building and training opportunities.
  • Supporting partners to set up partner-owned processes to strengthening their safeguarding, facilitated by independent safeguarding experts who facilitate e.g. orientation workshops, partner-led needs assessment, training and technical support for the development and roll out of safeguarding procedures.
  • Setting up a pool of external safeguarding experts/consultants who work from a feminist perspective and have regional expertise in medica mondiale’s partner regions.

Purpose and Objectives of Assignment

To facilitate the safeguarding development processes in medica mondiale partner organisations, develop and/or promote context specific, partner-owned safeguarding policies for medica mondiale partner organizations in a participative way and accompany the respective implementation of policy related processes.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Assessment of the existing safeguarding policies, packages, procedures within medica mondiale´s partner organisations.
  2. Conceptualisation, facilitation, and documentation of workshops and/or exchange meetings on the development of safeguarding policies.
  3. Participative development and/or promotion of existing partner-owned and context specific safeguarding policies and procedures for medica mondiale partner organisations.
  4. Support and consultation with medica mondiale´s partner organisations on the implementation of safeguarding procedures.

Scope of Work / Activities

The consultant is responsible to conduct the following tasks:

  1. Inception Phase:
  • To conduct an inception meeting with relevant medica mondiale staff.
  • To conduct orientation workshop(s) with medica mondiale and partner organisation(s).
  • To conduct interviews with CEO’s of partner organisations and conduct desk review of existing safeguarding policies within partner organisations.
  • To compile an inception report, including:
  1. To compile and analyse existing safeguarding policies, mechanisms and procedures of medica mondiale´s partner organisation.
  2. To define the assignment(s) and outline a detailed work plan (in agreement with medica mondiale and partner organisation).
  1. Analysis and conception phase:
  • To conduct a detailed assessment and analysis of existing policies, mechanisms, procedures, donor minimum standards and project stakeholders such as staff, target groups, partners.
  • To develop partner-owned safeguarding development plans related to establishing and strengthening safeguarding (e.g., workshops, feedback loops, interviews, etc.).
  • To document the processes (i.e., workshops, interviews, etc.).
  1. Writing phase
  • To develop policies, procedures, etc. based on the results of the analysis phase in close coordination with partner organisations (feedback loops, meetings, etc.)
  1. Wrap-up phase
    • To conduct a validation workshop with all involved stakeholders



  • Work plan and inception report,
  • Regular reports, documentations and updates on the implementation status in the analysis / conception phase (frequency and templates to be defined),
  • Development plan for strengthening safeguarding policies and mechanisms,
  • Safeguarding policies, action plans, SOPs, etc.
  • Final report of the consultancy with the key achievements and lessons learnt/recommendations.



  • The assignment is to be carried out through desk research, regular meetings and interactive learning formats and writing/reporting (online or in person meetings, workshops, etc. depending on the safety and security context in the relevant country).
  • The process should be partner-owned, participatory, contextualized and process oriented.
  • The consultant should advise the partner organisation to form an inclusive safeguarding team representing all relevant duty-bearers and right-holders of the envisioned safeguarding policy and on innovative ways to implement the policies and how to embed a safeguarding practice in their organisation, e.g through SOPs.
  • The consultant should also be able to realise the facilitation of the process remotely, depending on the current Covid-19 situation and travel restrictions.
  • The final documents should be compiled by the consultant with feedback loops and content input by medica mondiale and its partners and by making use of existing policies, guidelines, papers and practices of the partner organisations.


  • A minimum of master’s degree in social science or related fields.
  • 5+ years of experience in international development projects and program implementation.
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in cooperating with organisations working in the field of SGBV in at least one relevant project region: Afghanistan, MENA, Southeast Europe, West Afrika, African Great Lakes Region.
  • Demonstrated conceptual knowledge of feminist theory and practice in the context of sexual and gender-based violence.
  • Excellent understanding of and practical experience with safeguarding and policies in the context of SGBV projects.
  • Excellent conceptual, analytical, writing, communication and organisational development skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills and flexibility.
  • Experience of supporting the strengthening of staff/partners’ capacities on safeguarding and developing workshop packages and activities.
  • Excellent written and spoken language skills in English and ideally one other relevant language (French, Dari, Pashto, Kurdish, Arabic, BCS, Albanian, etc.)
  • In case of travel: recent security training


Preliminary Time Table

The time table will be developed jointly with the consultant(s) as the safeguarding organisational development processes will differ from country to country and partner to partner. Some of the processes are directly linked to donor-funded projects.

The first assignment (Afghan partner organization) is expected to start ideally in May in cooperation with medica mondiale and its partner organisation Medica Afghanistan.  

How to apply:

To indicate your interest, please send your CV, cover letter, description of methodology including your daily rate and links to work samples if possible (please send all documents as one PDF file with a maximum of 4 MB). Please indicate your availability and which of the above-mentioned regions you are willing to travel to. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The interviews will take place online in in April/May 2021.

Please send your application with the subject ‘Consultant Safeguarding Policies – International Programmes’ to

recruitment@medicamondiale.org until 15 April 2021.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Further information on medica mondiale and our projects can be found on our website.