1. Purpose

peace brigades international Deutscher Zweig e.V. (pbi Germany) is seeking an experienced consultant to undertake a needs assessment in Nepal, to evaluate the current situation of (Women) Human Rights Defenders.


2. The Organisation

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a non-governmental organisation, registered in the USA in 1981, which protects human rights and promotes nonviolent conflict transformation. We provide protection, capacity building and other support to threatened human rights defenders and communities striving to promote social justice and human rights in areas of violent conflict and repression. Our current field projects are in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Indonesia, Mexico and Nepal.

pbi Germany is one of 14 country groups in Europe and North America. Founded in 1991, it is supporting the field projects, mainly by the recruitment, training and accompaniment of volunteers and civil peace workers as well as through project related advocacy and fundraising. In addition, its educational program "Human Rights Learning & Living" (created in 2004) was set-up to build a bridge between PBI’s international presence and human rights work in Germany. This program aims at raising awareness about the global and local interconnections of human rights violations.


3. Background

In 2014, pbi Germany started the NepalMonitor Project in partnership with the Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP) to contribute to securing (Women) Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) space in Nepal. The project team collects and monitors human rights violations and security incidents all over Nepal. The online platform NepalMonitor.org, using ICT-tools, alerts local organisations in Nepal to human rights and security incidents in their area, and allows anyone to easily share incidents with local, national and international organisations. Furthermore, it is envisioned that by this joint use, contributors and users will become a national human rights community and engage in cooperative action to protect them and strengthen their work. The project includes a capacity development component, offering trainings to local human rights defenders, carried out by the NepalMonitor team. Tailored to their respective situation and related needs, this component strengthens HRDs’ security management in a holistic way and fosters their networking and opportunities for advocacy. Advocacy at the local level is moreover complemented by advocacy and lobbying on an international level. The NepalMonitor Project is supported by the Civil Peace Service (CPS).

For further information on the current project see: www.nepalmonitor.org.

As its operational involvement with the NepalMonitor Project will run out end of 2020, pbi Germany started discussions and reflections about possible future projects to support HRDs in Nepal. The envisaged needs assessment will be the starting point of a more in-depth analysis and planning process.


4. Scope of the consultancy


The aim of the assessment is to provide PBI with a comprehensive understanding of the current situation of HRDs in Nepal, stressing the challenges they face. Furthermore it is meant to indicate identified needs, pbi would be apt to respond to, and provide pbi with an overview of actors currently working in the field of protection and support of HRD’s in Nepal and point out gaps and/or possible synergies.

Key Questions

What needs to change, so that (women) human rights defenders:

  • can work securely

  • are respected and supported by duty bearers (national, provincial, local level)

  • are respected and supported by their society

  • are respected and supported by their fellow HRDs

  • can work effectively

  • as females experience the same respect, support, security and achievements as men


5. Methodology

The consultant is responsible for developing a methodological approach suitable for the described task. PBI prefers a focus on participatory methods and expects the methodological approach to reflect the purpose of the assessment as a learning experience.


6. Process and time frame

Preparation (up to 2 days)

  • including the desk review of available material and a briefing meeting with pbi Germany and a member of the Project Committee

Field evaluation (up to 12 days)

  • including site visits in Kathmandu and three to four Provinces

  • including interviews and/or focus group discussions with the NepalMonitor project team, key personnel of the partner organization, (female) human rights defenders and human rights organisations, local key people, authorities and members of the international community in Nepal (key contacts will be provided by pbi and complemented by additional interviewees identified by the consultant and/or in the initial interviews).

Reporting phase (up to 2 days)

  • The consultant will write a draft report in English that he/she shares with pbi Germany and integrate feedback in his/her final report.


7. Outputs and Deliverables

  • The consultant is expected to compile a draft report in English 7 days after return from the field visit which has to be shared with pbi Germany for feedback

  • In addition, an online presentation of the findings and recommendations to pbi Germany will take place

  • The consultant is expected to compile the final report in English after feedback for the draft report is given by pbi Germany


8. Tentative Period of Work

  • Preparation phase in September 2019

  • Field phase in October/November 2019

  • Presentation and final report latest end of November 2019


9. Professional qualifications

We would like to contract a consultant with the following expertise:

  • Experience with conducting needs assessments in the sphere of peace and/or human rights work

  • Experience in qualitative research methods and the design of participatory processes

  • Good understanding of the Nepali context (especially with regard to Nepal as a post conflict country)

  • Background and/or working experience in human rights work and/or work for the protection of human rights defenders

  • Experience with people centred approaches and active listening would be an asset

  • Excellent and proven report writing and verbal communication skills in English, Nepali would be an asset


10. Personal skills

  • Flexible, creative, empathetic

  • Excellent analytical skills

  • A clear commitment to work with a participatory and empowering approach

  • Proven cultural sensitivity, high degree of cross-cultural competence and diversity perspective


11. Application process

Please email your application (CV in English, cover letter and references not exceeding 2MB) including your package proposal (methodological and financial offer including a detailed timeline) and information concerning your availability with the subject “Needs Assessment Nepal” by 1st September to kerstin.gollembiewski@pbi-deutschland.de and fabian.hanschen@pbi-deutschland.de

Team applications are welcome.

For questions regarding the tender please contact Kerstin Gollembiewski or Fabian Hanschen: (
kerstin.gollembiewski@pbi-deutschland.de / fabian.hanschen@pbi-deutschland.de)

Further information on pbi and our work can be found on our website: https://pbideutschland.de