Country Representative Yemen for Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH)

Location: Yemen

Duration of assignment: 24 months

Starting Date: 15.08.2019

Reporting to: Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe HQ Berlin

About Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH)

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) renders humanitarian aid worldwide, and currently works in 36 countries. DKH supports people who are affected by natural disasters, war and displacement and who are not able to cope on their own in the emergency situation they find themselves in. The work is guided by the Humanitarian Principles and the Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS). It is DKH's approach to work through a global network of partner organizations.

DKH is part of the Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung e.V. (EWDE), an umbrella-organization with a nationwide established Social Service Agency, one of the biggest welfare institutions in Germany.

Purpose and tasks of deployment

The purpose of the deployment is to lead and strengthen the newly established DKH Yemen Emergency Response Program, both operational and programmatic. More than 22 million people are in need and reliance on humanitarian assistance continues to grow. The main thrust of the work of DKH along with its national and international partner organizations is to meet urgent humanitarian needs across the country while building resilience and social cohesion. Strategies to enhance the resilience of communities to the harsh environmental and social conditions in the country cut across the portfolio.

While DKH is not planning to directly implement humanitarian projects in Yemen, it has to be ensured that the local partner organizations have the administrative and technical capacities to respond to the crisis according to highest quality standards possible. DKH needs to ensure that the humanitarian response in Yemen is meeting expectations in all relevant aspects, that DKH can fully rely on the partner organizations, and an added-value becomes visible through the own presence on the ground.

The Country Representative plays a key role in providing technical and other backstopping support to the partner organizations. It is a continuous effort to increase and further strengthen relations with the local partner organizations and building their capacities.

Work Context

All projects funded by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe in Yemen are implemented by local partner organizations. Acquisition of backdonor-funding is of key importance in order to establish the organisation as a relevant actor at UNCT, cluster, and government cooperation levels.

The DKH Yemen Strategy 2019-2021 is the guiding framework which needs to be translated into a consistent DKH-intervention. Here, it is also vital that the partner organizations gain ownership, and feel being part of a broader strategy.

Close liaison with the DKH Regional Office in Amman is expected, and should add further value to the DKH Yemen Emergency Response Program.

Main Job Responsibilities

Strategic Guidance & Leadership

  • Contribute to further strengthen strategy development and prioritize and organize actions and resources to achieve objectives set through those processes;
  • Follow analysis of the Yemen crisis and the impact of policy, political, and military changes on the context, ensuring that this analysis is recognized and incorporated in planning for both short-term humanitarian and mid-term early recovery and resilience programming;
  • Ensure that DKH’s core values and standards are understood throughout the team, and strategies and policies are guiding the daily work.

Program & Quality

  • If required, continue to identify potential local partner organizations on basis of a comprehensive Partner Capacity Assessment;
  • Ensure that relief, early-recovery and rehabilitation projects are developed by the local partner organizations according to available DKH-own funding as well as backdonor funding;
  • Ensure that partner organizations are planning and implementing in coordination with national and international/UN coordination bodies, and projects are included/reported in the UN-system;
  • Ensure that topics and quality aspects in which DKH is specialized or is planning to enhance its expertise/portfolio are fully reflected in the cooperation with the partner organizations and their projects/programs;
  • Ensure that the DKH Yemen Program is in line with DKH-strategies, policies and other directives from DKH headquarter;
  • Strengthen relations with local partner organizations and ensure that individual Capacity Building Plans are developed for each partner – if feasible, ensure incorporation of partner organizations in Yemen into the DKH Capacity Building Initiative Asia;
  • Ensure that project, program or other evaluations are planned (including preparation of Terms of Reference) and executed in due time in close collaboration with DKH headquarters;
  • Facilitate that recommendations of evaluations as well as other lessons learnt and examples of good practice are included in the development of new projects and programs by the partner organizations;
  • Lead assessment and exploratory missions in case of sudden displacements or other acute emergencies;
  • If required, develop further effective and transparent remote management tools;
  • Ensure that projects are able to meet backdonor and internal obligations on scope, time, and budget;
  • Engage program leadership in ongoing context analysis that enables programs and teams to adapt to significant changes in the geopolitical/conflict environment;
  • Create and maintain systems to ensure efficient and transparent capture of program data for management decision-making and timely and informative internal and external reporting;
  • Oversee the establishment of systems, policies, and approaches necessary to ensure and demonstrate the quality of programs.

Operational & Office

  • Ensure that the registration of DKH in Yemen is being renewed, if necessary, and that all reporting or other requirements towards the Yemeni Authorities are being met;
  • Ensure that the DKH-presence meets all required administrative, logistical and personnel requirements at all times;
  • Provide a Monthly and Annual Office Report to DKH headquarters.

Finance & Compliance Management

  • Ensure compliance and accountability of all fiscal controls with the requirements and regulations of the backdonors, the Standard Procedures for Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Offices Abroad, the local laws and the Internationally Recognized Accounting Principles;
  • Ensure that effective, transparent and responsive compliance mechanisms are in place;
  • Ensure close follow-up so that audit processes are initiated timely and reported to the necessary parties including DKH headquarters;
  • Maintain oversight of overall program budgets ensuring appropriate allocation of resources to meet program objectives.

Human Resources & Team Building

  • Guide the team so that each staff member is able to fulfill the tasks of his/her specific job description in order to meet desired quality and standards within approved time lines and budgets;
  • Maintain team dynamics that enable DKH to achieve its goals and objectives, and create and sustain a work environment of mutual respect where team members strive to achieve excellence;
  • Oversee the respect and application of the internal staff regulations, the HR policies and other internal procedures;
  • Ensure preparation of Terms of Reference/job descriptions, recruitment of personnel, supervision, disciplinary measures and performance reviews;
  • Support the team in decision making and overcoming challenges through coaching and constant feedback;
  • Ensure that staff receives training in line with their level of responsibility and receive technical support relevant to their tasks;
  • Contribute to country team-building efforts, help team members identify problem-solving options and ensure the integration of all team members into relevant decision-making processes.

Health, Safety & Security (HSS)

  • Ensure organizational commitment to health, safety, and security management at the DKH-offices;
  • Support the development and implementation of the DKH Yemen HSS Plan;
  • Make or endorse decisions on travel of DKH-staff, movement restrictions, hibernation and other mitigation measures in line with DKH HSS Handbook and the HSS Plan;
  • Provide clear lines of communication and crisis management leadership;
  • Ensure that the security situation is constantly monitored and analyzed and that the staff members are briefed accordingly;
  • Ensure that the documents and procedures relating to HSS are regularly updated in coordination or upon request of DKH headquarters;
  • Ensure coordination with other NGOs, UN agencies, local partner organizations, local authorities and backdonors on HSS issues.

Representation, Visibility & Advocacy

  • Represent DKH with other national and international actors including the German Embassy or Consulate as well as backdonors and media;
  • Work with formal and informal governance structures and representatives, maintain and develop relevant and productive relationships with a wide range of stakeholders;
  • Ensure provision of communication materiel (photos, videos, human touch stories etc.) for DKH headquarters’ communication department;
  • Handle media/PR tasks as well as visits of delegations in close collaboration with DKH headquarters;
  • Act as focal point for ACT Alliance and ACT-partners, and if applicable, actively represent or ensure representation of DKH at the ACT Country or Regional Forum;
  • Ensure that DKH maintains a high degree of risk awareness and impartiality;
  • Ensure that DKH as a signatory of the Charter4Change enables more locally-led response;
  • Participate in shaping policy positions and advocacy messages pertaining to the overall humanitarian situation in Yemen;
  • Support a coherent and active humanitarian principle-focused communication and advocacy strategy including a joint definition of red lines.

Accountability to Beneficiaries

  • DKH team members are expected to support all efforts for increased accountability towards the beneficiaries while actively engaging communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of projects.

The requested qualification and experience is as follows:

  • University degree in a related field;
  • 5 to 7 years of senior-level leadership and management experience in large and complex humanitarian operations, previous work experience in the Middle East and insecure environments preferred;
  • Substantial knowledge of the international humanitarian system, institutions and donors, including compliance requirements and accountability frameworks;
  • Prior experience with back donor funding from AA (German Federal Foreign Office), ECHO and with CBPF;
  • Experience in working with local partner organizations including implementation of a program strategy through partners;
  • Demonstrated experience in working effectively with networks, and establishing new partnerships and consortia;
  • Demonstrated experience in representation and working effectively and respectfully with host country government and other stakeholders in complex environments;
  • Experience in guiding transition from relief to early-recovery and rehabilitation;
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills including negotiation and coaching;
  • Strong participatory leadership with the ability of solving complex issues collegially, defining a clear way forward, and utilizing best practices in management to ensure shared success;
  • Ability to work under high pressure, in a highly volatile context with strict security measures, and motivated by constant program adaptation to an evolving context;
  • Excellent oral and written English skills, proficiency in Arabic preferred.

The remuneration follows internationally accepted standards. Consultancy status.

Closing date: June 10, 2019 (only shortlisted candidates will be contacted)

Contact: Kindly send your application and CV by email to the HR Officer at Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe headquarters in Berlin:

Further questions regarding the assignment kindly address to