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Terms of Reference

Title:                                     Feasibility study for the entry of DVV International to Togo

Country:                               Togo

Project number:                   SSF West Africa

Date of publication:             March 2019


1           Background of the assignment

Following a first assessment mission of  the status quo of adult and non-formal education in Togo in December 2018, the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. (DVV) ), has decided to prepare an entry into Togo. A detailed proposal has to be submitted to the funding ministry, the German Development cooperation ministry (BMZ) in June 2019. The proposal will have to operate within the big lines of the overall proposal for DVV Internationals work in Africa which foresees the subsequent impact: There is a strong and holistic adult education system providing high quality integrated adult learning (EB) services and thus a major contribution to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 with particular reference to SDG number 4”.

2           Purpose of the assignment

The first assignment was mainly designed to lead to a proposal to be submitted to BMZ and give an overview over the status quo of adult and non-formal education in Togo, as well as potential to be developed by DVV International and other partners. That second part should

  • Lead an in-depth analysis of adult and non-formal education in Togo following the system building approach of Adult Education and derive potentials as well as anchor points to enter a common cooperation with partners on the macro, meso and micro level (compare guiding questions presented in following section);
  • Set the basis for an effective beginning of practical work of DVV International in the country through identifying and providing contact details of
    • National stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental);
    • International stakeholders (multilateral players and bi-lateral technical cooperation, mainly with Germany);
  • Lay the ground for the logistics in terms of
    • Staffing: where can positions be announced?
    • Location: Investigation of suitable office space


3 Guiding Questions and tasks for the Feasibility Study

The consultant is requested to take account of the following “System Building Blocks” as guidance for the development of the methodology, the implementation of the study, and the final report. It is required that all of the following questions are answered and underpinned with respective evidences:


3.1 Analysis of the situation of the enabling environment in Togo

  • Analysis of ALE Policies and the content
  • Analysis of ALE Strategies and the content
  • Analysis of ALE program implementation guidelines
  • Analysis of existing laws/legal framework pertaining to ALE
  • Analysis of a National Qualification Framework


3.2       Analysis of the situation of institutional arrangements in Togo

  • Analysis of ALE structure at all levels of implementation (governmental, non-governmental, international organizations, roles and responsibilities of stakeholders; contact details)
  • Analysis of ALE staff at all levels of the system (quality and quantity, professionalization paths
  • Analysis of accountability and reporting guidelines for the public sector in the ALE structure (dissemination and performance assessment)
  • Analysis of commitment/awareness about ALE among political leaders at each level of implementation; what about cross-sectoral cooperation?
  • Analysis of role and cooperation of non-state actors and governmental institutions in ALE in the country


3.3       Analysis of the situation of technical processes in Togo

  • Analysis of capacity development measures for ALE personnel at each level of implementation
  • Analysis of a national curriculum framework for ALE
  • Analysis of existing materials for ALE (training manuals, facilitators’ guidelines, M&E manuals, etc.)
  • Analysis of existing ALE program designs (and implementation plan) for learners
  • Analysis of existing learners’ assessments related to the ALE programs


3.4       Analysis of the situation of management processes in Togo

  • Analysis of the planning processes at all levels (strategic and annual plans, participation, frequency of coordination meetings, cross-sectoral cooperation)
  • Analysis of budget allocation to implementation of ALE
  • Analysis of a national Management Information System (MIS) for ALE
  • Analysis of coordination mechanisms (e.g. technical team, board, committee); levels and frequency, participation)
  • Analysis of a national M&E framework for ALE


3.5       Information about logistics

The operational framework conditions refer to the working environment for international NGOs such as DVV International in Tanzania and should answer the key question of what are the conditions for establishing a DVV International office in Tanzania? The following questions/issues should be answered in detail, but also mentioning challenges, risks and recommended practices:

  • Registration process and availability of legal or other firms to assist with this process (and related costs)? Provide detailed information on steps and duration.
  • Are there alternative options for registration e.g. bilateral agreements, register as NGO, etc.? What is the status of other international (especially German NGOs)?
  • What are the current laws that govern NGOs and specifically international NGOs –specify and attach and provide analysis of working environment and entry points?
  • Visa / working permit process for international staff? (detailed steps, documents to be submitted and costs)
  • Best location of country office considering DVV International’s work at macro, meso and micro levels? Where are ministries and key government offices located? Where are embassies and other international NGOs located?
  • Infrastructural costs such as office rent and utilities? Availability of suitable office spaces in recommended location?
  • Average procurement costs and tax regulations for NGOs in relation to vehicles and office equipment?
  • What are the costs for domestic flights between key cities within the country? Which airlines, safety record, etc.?
  • Availability of qualified personnel in the field of YALE and support staff (finance and administration) with estimated salary and benefit costs and regulations?
  • What is the current security situation in the country?
  • Identification of fields of operation in ALE of German development agencies;
  • Provide potential contacts and any other relevant information and support networks.
  • Identification of key stakeholders in ALE in the country plus the following institutions:
    • The German Embassy (DVV International will facilitate an entry),
    • Government with the key institutions for a) technical work and b) registration
    • Development organizations multilateral (at least UNESCO), bilateral (with GIZ as obligatory contact partner) and others as per relevance for an entry strategy of DVV International and potential for cooperation and synergy, availability


4           Target group of the assignment

The target groups of the assignment are: the head office of DVV International in Bonn, the DVV International regional office in West Africa, and the stakeholders of the upcoming program in Togo.


5           Methodological approach

The consultant is expected to clearly outline the envisaged methodological approach. This should include the search for and analysis of documents required to answer the guiding questions as mentioned above. Furthermore, it is expected that the consultant undertakes on-site visits in the capital city and conducts key expert interviews to complement the information collected from the documents.


6           Indicative Timetable



Number of working days (Estimate)

15. March

Publication of ToR


24. March

Deadline for requests of clarifications, publication of answers on the following day


31. March

Deadline for submission of proposals


05. April

Selection of candidate, briefing online discussion


8.-18. March

Identification and analysis of key documents

5 (estimate)

19. March

Inception report outlining the methodology and implementation plan; online briefing session

2 (estimate)

23. April – 3. May

Interviews of key stakeholders in Lomé (governmental institutions, NGO’s, potential partner organisations, international organisations operating in ALE)

5 (estimate)

10. May

Inception report; online briefing of contracting authority

3 (estimate)

11.-16. May

Feedback to report


24. May

Finalisation of report

1 (estimate)

Estimated total number of working days

16-20 (estimate)

7           Right of use

The Principal has the exclusive and unlimited right to use the results fulfilled by the contract. The transfer of this Right of Use is complete with the payment made to the Contractor. The Contractor has Right of Use permission strictly limited for personal non-commercial purposes. Transfer of the Right of Use to third parties is excluded.


8           Contractual Conditions

The legal basis for this contract is provided by the „General terms and conditions for the implementation of Services" (VOL/B). These general terms and conditions are not attached to this contract; however, an exemplary service contract is part of these Terms of Reference for perusal.


9           Tasks of the contractor

The contractor will be requested to fulfil the following tasks:

  • Methodological design and planning of the feasibility study in communication with DVV International;
  • Desk Study of relevant project documentation (governmental policies, strategies, NQF, M&E framework, etc.; compare guiding questions);
  • Design of data collection instruments for the field phase;
  • Prepare an Inception Report;
  • Conduct the field phase with participation and involvement of all relevant stakeholders;
  • Compile preliminary feasibility report, integrate comments, and finalize the report.
  • 3 De-briefing sessions (online)


10       Deliverables

The following deliverables are expected:

  • Expression of Interest from the Ministry in charge of ALE inviting DVV International to cooperate with the country, its government and civil society in the area of adult and non-formal education, to open an office and to hire (also expatriate) staff necessary to fulfill its mission
  • Inception report: The expert/ team of experts will present a report giving detailed information about methods and specified questions. This report will be presented to DVV International, discussed and, if need be, amended.
  • Draft feasibility report: DVV International will receive a first draft of the final report, which will strictly follow the guiding questions of the ToR.
  • Final feasibility report: The final report will take into account the comments on the rough draft.
  • Recommendations (part of the report): Fields of Strategic intervention of DVV International in the country.

The final report of the assignment report should be produced in English (or in French with an executive summary in English) and submitted to DVV International electronically.


11       Evaluator eligibility criteria

The evaluation will be done by an evaluator who needs to demonstrate experience in evaluating development projects. The evaluation expert will further have experience with organisational development and capacity building. Previous experience in the Central Asian countries and knowledge of Russian and/or Tajik language will be considered as an asset.

The consultant(s) we are looking for should

  • have at least 5-year experience in the field of implementation of studies (please, provide proof of this experience);
  • be able to demonstrate sound knowledge of scientific methods and instruments;
  • be (an) experienced professional(s) in the field of adult education,
  • have experiences with stakeholder participation and transparent knowledge management;
  • analytical and writing skills;
  • fluency in English and French, knowledge of Arabic is an asset;
  • knowledge of Western Africa specifically Togo


12       Responsible persons at DVV International and logistics

The main contact persons for DVV International, the contracting authority for this assignment will be

The application package should include the following documents:

  1. CV(s) of international expert(s), including references to previous studies (please use attached template; other formats will not be accepted)
  2. Technical proposal covering the following aspects (maximum of 8 pages):
    1. Show understanding of the task
    2. Methodological approach
    3. Work Plan / steps of implementation with timeline
    4. Consideration of specific requirements of the context
    5. Internal Quality Management
  3. Detailed cost estimate (please use attached template; other formats will not be accepted)

31. March 2019 is the deadline for submission of proposals


13       Evaluation criteria of proposals

The proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Qualification of team (counts one third) (based on criteria mentioned above);
  • Technical proposal (counts one third) (based on criteria mentioned above);
  • Financial proposal (counts one third) (best price-service relation).


14       Request for clarification

If you should have questions concerning this tender, please send your questions to Dr. Thomas Lichtenberg mentioned as contact person, above. The latest date for submitting questions is 24. March. The answers to the questions will be published on our website (https://www.dvv-international.de/dvv-international/stellenangebote/) for all interested parties the following day.
31. March 2019: Deadline for submission of proposals