Study of the current situation of the quality of health care in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan and the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq (KRI) in 2019

medica mondiale is a non-governmental organisation based in Cologne, Germany. As a feminist women’s rights and aid organisation medica mondiale supports women and girls in war and crisis zones throughout the world. Through own programmes and in cooperation with local women’s organisations we offer holistic support to women and girl survivors of sexualised and gender based violence. On the political level, we pro-actively promote women’s rights, call for a rigorous punishment of crimes as well as effective protection, justice and political participation for survivors of violence. Currently medica mondiale is working in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan, in Afghanistan, in Liberia, in Kosovo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the African Great Lakes Region.


to develop and conduct a study of the current situation of the quality of health care in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan and the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq (KRI).

Consultant teams are invited to submit an application for this consultancy. For the country studies in KRI and Kosovo national/regional researchers shall be involved and/or the collaboration with national institutions such as e.g. universities is highly appreciated.

The study shall be conducted in line with the Terms of Reference published on our homepage. Please download them from our homepage as guidelines for your proposal.

Study Purpose

The purpose of the consultancy is to analyse and to compare the structural obstacles and barriers to access stress- and trauma-sensitive health care services for survivors of sexualized and gender based violence (SGBV) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq (KRI). Based on this analysis, recommendations to promote the institutionalization of stress- and trauma sensitivity in the health care services at country and at international level shall be formulated.

The consultancy is to design and to carry out

  1. two country studies in KRI (Iraq) and Kosovo and
  2. one comparative study (covering KRI, Kosovo as well as Afghanistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina)


  • Inception report: The study team is expected to compile an inception report with the final specified methodology, study matrix, analysis methods, data collection instruments and work plan.
  • Country studies KRI / Kosovo: Field mission to the project implementation areas in Kosovo and Region of Kurdistan in Iraq (KRI). The research team is expected to compile the draft of the study report in English until 17.05.2019 and the final report of each country study until 28.06.2019. Quality criteria for the report will be provided.
  • Presentation of the findings of the country studies to medica mondiale and the partner organisations in May/June 2019
  • Comparative Analysis of conducted Country Studies KRI, Kosovo, plus desk based analysis of existing country studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina/Afghanistan: The study team is expected to compile the draft report (60 pages max. excluding appendix) until 30.09.2019 and the final report after feedback from medica mondiale until 25.10.2019.  Quality criteria for the report will be provided.
  • A presentation of the findings of the comparative Study to medica mondiale in Cologne/ and Steering Committee in October / November 2019
  • A summary of the study report for the website of medica mondiale until 30.11.2019

Application Procedure

Please email your application (CV in English, cover letter, references, proof of participation in safety training. not exceeding 2MB), including your package proposal (technical, methodological and financial offer), with the subject “Comparative Study THTP ” until 20.02., 8 am (local time Cologne, Germany) latest to:

For questions regarding the THTP project, please contact Barbara Horstmann:

For questions regarding the study process, please contact: 

The pre-selection of candidates will take place until the end of February 2019.

The budget for the study mission should not exceed 39.990. EUR. This needs to include ALL costs.

We will not send any acknowledgement of receipt of the documents you have submitted. Only short-listed/successful candidates will be contacted. Please note that Interviews will take place 25.02 - 27.02.2019.

Further information on medica mondiale can be found on our website: