M&E Expert Decentralisation


Job No.0785
Status: Proposal
Start: Q2 2019
Duration: 3 years
Position: M&E Expert, long-term
Qualification: Economist
Country: Rwanda
Sector: Management of Infrastructure Program

CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH is an independent consulting engineering company with worldwide experience based in Braunschweig, Germany. CES offers solutions to complex multidisciplinary engineering tasks for all civil engineering and related sectors. CES renders services ranging from preliminary investigations to construction supervision and cost controlling, training of the clients' staff, advisory services in the operation and maintenance of installations, as well as the organization and strengthening of public authorities and institutions. CES works mainly in the field of development cooperation and implements infrastructure projects for national high-end clients (ministries and line authorities) funded by international donors.


Project Description
To promote social and economic development at local level, the GoR is increasingly decentralizing funds and responsibilities to the local government level (the Districts) and has established enabling institutions such as the LODA.
An Implementation Consultant will support LODA and the Districts during a transition phase of three years in providing technical support and capacity building measures in the areas of District planning, project planning with a strong focus on improving the quality of feasibility studies and the built quality of projects, their operation and maintenance as well as strengthening of M&E function and systems at LODA and District level.

The Project Outcome are that:
(i) A contribution to poverty reduction by improving the living conditions of the target population in the districts has been made; and
(ii) The District administration and service delivery in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and transparency has been improved.
The expected Project Outputs are that
(i) The Districts have basic infrastructure facilities within the planned time and budget;
(ii) The operation, maintenance and upkeeping of the infrastructure and equipment are properly planned by the Districts; and
(iii) Monitoring and evaluation as well as infrastructure-related administrative capacities of the Districts are strengthened at both LODA and District level.

Qualification and Skills Requirements:
At least a Master's Degree in rural development engineer or economist or related field of expertise


see pdf for full description:     http://t1p.de/i3ox