Female consultancy team to conduct final evaluation of a project in Sinoe, Liberia

medica mondiale is a non-governmental organisation based in Cologne, Germany. As a feminist women’s rights and aid organisation medica mondiale supports women and girls in war and crisis zones throughout the world. Through own programmes and in cooperation with local women’s organisations we offer holistic support to women and girl survivors of sexualised and gender based violence. On the political level, we pro-actively promote women’s rights, call for a rigorous punishment of crimes as well as effective protection, justice and political participation for survivors of violence. Currently medica mondiale is working in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan, in Afghanistan, in Liberia, in Kosovo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the African Great Lakes Region

The implementing organization medica Liberia (mL) is a Liberia-based non-governmental and non-profit organization. mL is one of the leading women’s organizations in Liberia providing psychosocial counseling, legal aid and sexual and reproductive health  services to women and girls survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.


to develop and conduct the final evaluation of the project “Strengthening and extending local solidarity and protection networks to reduce violence against women and girls” in Sinoe, Liberia. Individual consultants or consultant teams are invited to submit an application for this consultancy. The final evaluation shall be conducted in line with the Terms of Reference published on our homepage. Please download them from our homepage as guidelines for your proposal.

Evaluation Purpose

The purpose of this final evaluation is to serve as learning process and to provide decision makers at medica Liberia, medica mondiale, Medicor Foundation and Pro Victimis with sufficient information to make an informed decision about the performance of the project, document lessons learnt and provide practical recommendations for follow-up actions and similar future projects. As general standard, this final project evaluation shall include an assessment of the project’s impact, effectiveness, relevance, efficiency and sustainability, as well as an evaluation of further key questions. The success of the project shall be assessed regarding its stated objectives. The final evaluation should generate practical hands-on recommendations that can be implemented by the project actors within their sphere of control as follow-up actions and beyond.

Project Description

Apart from structural violence, Liberian women are reported to be particularly threatened by direct sexual and domestic violence; with rape remaining the most frequently reported serious crime in Liberia. Although the struggle to end violence against women (VAW) is officially high on the political agenda of the government of Liberia, actual implementation is ineffective and weak.

Sexualized violence in war or the aftermath and its often long-lasting consequences need to be addressed through a comprehensive and multi-track approach that tackles the consequences on physical, psychosocial, economic, legal and social levels as well as through advocacy, policy development and strategic linkages with line ministries and other decision makers. Since 2006, the former medica moniale Liberia (mmL) has been working in the rural areas in the South East of Liberia to implement a comprehensive programme setting up community based protection networks with “focal points for SGBV”, who are enabled to provide first support and referrals, as well as offering psychosocial, legal and health counselling with a women-centred and trauma-sensitive approach. Training of health centre staff, police and courts in adequate support to affected women is a crucial element in this approach, as well as sensitization of community elders, local chiefs and other key decision makers.

In September 2013, mmL started the previous project phase in Sinoe county (2013-2016) covering approx. 20 communities, some of them newly selected and some where there were already some previous interventions. mmL has used criteria for selection of communities based on factors such as prevalence of SGBV/SEA, especially also due to mining and logging activities, numbers of population and access they have to legal facilities (courts etc.), health clinics, schools etc. The project contributes to the reduction of violence against women and girls and to their wellbeing and empowerment, particularly of survivors of SGBV, and to more gender balanced and less violent interaction in communities in Southeast Liberia. A contribution to this overall impact is achieved through addressing the long-lasting consequences of war trauma and the post-war situation by ensuring women’s access to trauma-sensitive services. To strengthen protection and increase women’s capacities to assert their rights, community based protection networks were set up in close cooperation with community women and male supporters. Protection partners engaged in mmL’s activities range from community based solidarity groups to psychosocial and legal counsellors to trained health care service providers, police and court officials, with a linkage to policy development and reinforcement at national level.

medica Liberia continues to be the only organisation in Sinoe county to provide comprehensive psychosocial counselling services and to train public service providers in stress and trauma-sensitive approaches. Thus, medica Liberia extended the reach of its work in the continuation project „Strengthening and extending local solidarity and protection networks to reduce violence against women and girls“ (September 2016 - August 2019) so that more women and girls can benefit from increased protection and the prevention of violence.

The direct project area focuses on 12 communities in Sinoe County in Southeastern Liberia. The beneficiaries of thes activities are approx. 1000 women and girl survivors of SGBV, who seek advice and support through the protection networks. These groups of women and girls cover all ages and include children. In Liberia, SGBV affected persons cut across education, economic and social lines. In other words, any woman or girl can be targeted on the basis of gender. In addition, local communities and groups in the twelve target communities will benefit from this project.

Tentative time plan

Tender of evaluation:                         
November/December 2018

Selection of evaluators:                     
December/January  2018

Preparation Phase:                        
January 2018 onwards

Data collection Phase:                        
February/March  2019
First Report with recommendations, including presentation in Cologne /(skype):             
Until end of March 2019

Final report                             
end of june

Professional qualifications

To ensure that the feasibility study draws a balanced picture we would like to contract a female consultant or consultant team with the following expertise:

  • A strong understanding and experience in evaluation methodology and practice with experience in team work
  • Experience in qualitative (storytelling, MSC, etc.) but also in quantitative sociological research methods and practice
  • Experience in and sound knowledge of psycho-social work in the field of violence against women mainly in conflict regions and especially in Liberia
  • Strong background and working experience in sexualized gender based violence and community based approaches as evaluator
  • Strong background and working experience in the topics of capacity development and empowerment
  • Excellent and proven report writing and verbal communication skills in English, German would be an asset.
  • National/Regional evaluator with excellent communication skills in English/ local languages.
  • Experience with evaluating projects co-funded by Medicor Foundation and/or Pro Victimis.
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Structured working style

For team-consultancies: One consultant will be the main responsible person to medica mondiale and will take the lead responsibility for methodology, process and reporting. This consultant will also ensure that the consultancy team will act in a trauma sensitive way. We also appreciate application from regional consultant teams and / or institutions.


The evaluation team should conduct the evaluation in a trauma-sensitive way and use a multi mixed design including participatory methods and using quantitative as well as qualitative data. medica mondiale appreciates the use of methods such as storytelling techniques, focus group discussions, etc. to encourage shared learning. Nevertheless, we are generally open for other techniques and welcome suggestions. The final methodology will be developed in close cooperation with medica mondiale and madica Liberia and depends on the proposal of the external evaluation team. The methodology will be defined during the preparation of the evaluation. Medica Liberia, regional experts and other stakeholders have to be included in the evaluation process.


  • Inception report with the final specified methodology, evaluation matrix, analysis methods, data collection instruments and work plan (quality grid will be provided)
  • Presentation/workshop of preliminary findings and recommendations to medica Liberia at the end of the field evaluation phase. The discussions and results have to be included in the evaluation process and its report
  • Draft report in English 14 days after return from the evaluation mission which has to be shared first with medica Liberia for feedback and afterwards with medica mondiale for feedback
  • Presentation of the findings and recommendations to medica mondiale in Cologne
  • Final report (60 pages max. excluding appendix) after feedback for the draft report through medica Liberia and medica mondiale (quality criteria will be provided)
  • Assessment of the project according to the quality principles/features of medica mondiale (assessment grid will be provided)
  • Summary of the evaluation report for the homepage of medica mondiale

Application Procedure

Please email your application (CV in English, cover letter and references not exceeding 2MB) including your package proposal (technical, methodological and financial offer), with the subject “Evaluation Sinoe, Liberia” until 20.12. 2018 by 8 am (local time Cologne, Germany) latest to:.

For questions regarding the project please contact Carla de Andrade Hurst, For questions regarding the evaluation process please contact Kirsten Wienberg: 

The pre- selection of candidates will take place until the end of December 2018, Interviews  will take place January 2019

The budget for the study should not exceed 30.000 EUR. This needs to include ALL costs.

We will not send any acknowledgement of receipt of the documents you have submitted. Only short listed / successful candidates will be contacted.

Further information on medica mondiale can be found on website: