Terms of Reference

Comprehensive WASH Assessment Consultancy

Hoffnungszeichen |Sign of Hope e.V.

Improved access to safe drinking water in Northern and Southern Liech, South Sudan

Position Type
Short-Term Consultancy

Study/Assessment Topic
Comprehensive WASH Assessment

Position Location
Northern and Southern Liech, South Sudan

Reporting To
Head of Department, International Aid and Cooperation
Working With

Starting Date
4th Quarter of 2018

Application Deadline
5th October 2018

Vacancy Contact
Please send your offers to procurement@hoffnungszeichen.de


Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V. works to protect the rights of people in distress and to meet their needs for assistance. The organisation is headquartered in Konstanz, Germany. Our work is informed by spiritual beliefs, yet not affiliated with any denomination.


As a consequence of continued civil war and repeated droughts, 4.2 million people in South Sudan are currently displaced (UNHCR). In the severely affected counties Northern and Southern Liech, people have no access to clean water: the first aquifer is contaminated and deep boreholes that reached the second aquifer have been deliberately destroyed. More than 20,000 suspected cases of cholera were recorded between June 2016 and December 2017 (WHO). The South Sudanese government is not in a position to provide for the population in need.

In view of the precarious situation, refugees and IDPs can only return home once access to safe drinking water is secured. A secure supply of drinking water is therefore a basic prerequisite for long-term development: access to clean water can improve hygiene conditions and thus the health status of the population. In addition, fields currently lying fallow can be cultivated and thus food security increased. In the long term, this will lay the foundation for the return of refugees and enable a sustainable improvement of living conditions - a prerequisite for empowering the local population for sustainable development. This is where the project comes in.

The project seeks to rehabilitate eight deep boreholes (pumping capacity: 10,000 litres/day each) in Northern and Southern Liech (former Unity State). Sign of Hope will work closely with the local project partner UNIDOR (Universal Intervention and Development Organisation) to accompany the implementation on site. Sign of Hope has no local presence in the country.


The selected consultant will carry out a comprehensive WASH assessment in Northern and Southern Liech that will serve as a basis for the rehabilitation works and as a benchmark against which outcomes and results will be measured at the end of the project.

The comprehensive assessment will provide Sign of Hope and UNIDO with updated information on the rehabilitation needs of the deep boreholes, related ongoing activities by other actors in the WASH sector and will help developing adequate materials to address social and behavioural hygiene practices related to water usage.

The assessment team will further compile the necessary technical specifications for the rehabilitation works.


The Comprehensive WASH Assessment will be conducted by an external consultant who has got the final decision regarding methodology with the help of the project team. In this regard the consultant shall provide Sign of Hope with an inception report, containing an overview of their understanding of the assignment, time schedule, planned activities, suggested methods and potential interviewees as well as how they plan to present preliminary and final results to be approved by Sign of Hope

The consultant will be responsible for developing and presenting the assessment results working closely with the project team.
The assessment shall cover the following aspects:

  • Inventory of the eight deep boreholes: Status quo, remaining operational/functional parts, defective parts, parts to be repaired or replaced
  • Inventory of possible similar project plans of other actors in the target region
  • Technical specifications for the rehabilitation of the eight deep boreholes
  • Support from local authorities for the rehabilitation project
  • Assessment of target group situation: living conditions, changes as compared to the previous assessment; disaggregated demographic data, population’s WASH practices, existence and practices of water committees, situation of alternative water sources
  • Videos and pictures of the deep bore holes and situation on the sites
  • Compilation of useful contact details


The consultancy will be for max. 25 days, inclusive of travel days.


  • Inception report to be reviewed by Sign of Hope: including initial work plan and proposal for the baseline survey outlining the proposed methodology, survey tools, process of data collection and analysis as well as final set of data-collection tools.
  • Draft report of the baseline survey for the feedback and comments from Sign of Hope and UNIDOR.
  • Presentation on the main findings of the baseline assessment to UNIDOR, community representatives and local administration. Similar presentation for the project staff of Sign of Hope.
  • Final report in English not exceeding a length of 15 pages (excluding annexes), including an executive summary.


  • Relevant postgraduate degree, ideally in geology, engineering or WASH.
  • At least five years of hands on experience in conducting technical assessments, especially in the WASH sector.
  • Strong background in monitoring and evaluation techniques.
  • Familiar with the context in South Sudan in relation to WASH.
  • Experience in developing and implementing gender sensitive baseline methodologies.
  • Ability to analyse complex WASH systems.
  • Good knowledge and experience in survey design, implementation of surveys and statistical data analysis.
  • Knowledge of South Sudan context, culture and the South Sudan political dynamics is an advantage.
  • Previous experience conducting similar assignments for INGOs is an added advantage.


In consideration of the fees paid, the consultant expressly assigns to Sign of Hope any copyright arising from the works the consultant produces while executing this contract. All images (whether used for online or print purposes) must however bear the consultant’s photo credit, as specified by international intellectual property rights. The consultant may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from Sign of Hope.


Applications should be submitted to procurement@hoffnungszeichen.de with the subject line: Application for Comprehensive WASH Assessment Consultancy no later than 30th September 2018. The selection committee consisting of the project staff will review all applications as they arrive. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described. The application package must include the following:

  • A one page application letter of expression of interest, the consultant’s previous experience and how it is relevant to the proposed assignment. It should also indicate the candidate’s availability and consultancy rates.
  • Detailed technical-narrative proposal with clearly outlined methodology, assessment approach and techniques and tools to be employed.
  • Detailed comprehensive budget catering for all assessment costs. Sign of Hope will not cater for any other costs. It is solely the responsibility of the consultant to give full work costs in the budget.
  • A sample of at least two recently written reports of similar assignments.
  • Updated CVs for the assessment team including relevant work experience and qualifications.
  • Contact details for three references.


If you should have questions concerning this tender, please send your questions to the abovementioned contact address. The latest date for submitting questions is 20th September 2018. The answers to the questions will be send to all interested parties.