Security and Safety Advisor / Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, South Sudan







South Sudan

Hierarchical Superior:

Country Director

Internal relationships:

All departments incl. HQ Programme Coordinator for South Sudan and HQ Safety & Security Focal Point

External relationships:

UN, particularly UNDSS, NGOs and NGO Coordination body, Embassies, other security related stakeholders.

Replaced by in his/her absence:

Country Director

Start date:


End Date:




Reduce the risks to which the teams, assets, premises and Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe as an organisation are exposed, through the management of information, the implementation of an appropriate security strategy (acceptance, protection, deterrence) and constant evaluation and update of the security management tools.





Objective 1: collect, analyse and disseminate the security and context evolution information.

Activities: collection of information.

-    Create and maintain a network of contacts (NGOs, Embassies, Civil Society, etc.)

-    Observe and analyse the international, national and local media.

-    Systematic organisation of the security risk and context development security information, particularly the one related to the one that could affect Help’s operations.

-    Keep an incident data base.

-    Create and maintain a mapping representation system of the security and context evolution information.

Activities: representation.

-    Assist to the regular and ad hoc meetings related to security (UNDSS, OCHA…).

-    Organise and conduct security meetings with relevant actors in the intervention area.

-    Meet and inform local stakeholders to promote Help’s values and principles as well as Help’s mission and mandate as part of the acceptance strategy.

Activities: information analysis.

-    Analyse any security data in order to anticipate the possible evolution of the conflict as well as the tendencies related to the risks.

-    Analyse the information collected and put them in perspective with the evolution of the context.

Activities: dissemination of information.

-    Update the Country Director, Desk Officer and rest of relevant coordinators about the security situation.

-    Regularly update the country team with the most relevant security risk related information.

-    Prepare a weekly, monthly and year security report related to the evolution of context and incidents.

-   Prepare and disseminate the relevant security alerts and warnings.

Objective 2: evaluate, mitigate and follow up the risks.

-    Evaluate the risks specific to the country of operations.

-    Evaluate the risks of the locations where Help is working (included premises and programs).

-    Evaluate the risks related to the specific nature of Help’s current and planned operations.

-    Propose the specific security rules for the country of operations, bases and activities to the Country Director in order to reduce the risk identified.

-    Take the necessary measures for the reduction of the exposure to the threats (protection) and advise the team correspondingly.

-    Take the necessary measures for the reduction of the impact (contingency planning) and advise the team correspondingly.

-    Take the necessary measures for the reduction of the threats (acceptance) and advise the team correspondingly.

-    Support the heads of project for the identification of the relevant actors important for the security risk management in the areas of work.

-    Identify the external resources, according to the needs for training, decrease of vulnerability and impact (in coordination with the HQ Safety & Security focal point).

-    In case of incidents, ensure a thorough analysis of the case, prepare or support the preparation of incident reports and transfer them to the relevant persons in the country of operations and HQ. Will also be in charge of the follow up of the incident in the decisions and recommendations.


Objective 3: recruit, train and sensitise the team on security issues.


-    If necessary, train a security assistant for the support in the security risk management of the country of operations.

-    Train the team (national and international) in security related issues according to their responsibilities, keeping particularly in mind the acceptance strategy. Keep records of conducted trainings and provide the necessary information to the responsible HR Officer for filing into the personnel files.

-    Brief and debrief the team on security risk related issues.



Objective 4: implementation update and constant follow up of the security risk management tools.


-    Prepare a security plan according to the methodology and formats described in the HELP’s security toolkit and in consultation with the HQ Safety & Security Focal Point.

-    Assure the constant monitoring and follow up of the security plan.

-    Make sure the security plan is known by all staff in accordance to their profile.

-    Make sure the plan is always updated and validated (duty of care).

-    Contribute to develop a safety and security culture within the Help Programme in the country of operations by addressing and helping staff to address safety and security related issues.

- Ensure that security planning becomes an integral part of day-to-day operations and is integrated into the development of future programs.

- Assist with the strategic and operational analysis and assessments, and with the refinement of programme strategies.

- Perform security risk assessments or evaluation missions to the field when possible and regularly review safety and security procedures.

- Ensure Help's operations are meeting minimum standards and complying with Help policies and procedures.

- Develop and regularly update the Safety and Security Risk Management Plan and tools in accordance with the nature of safety and security risks (inc. detailed threat assessment, security protocols, standard operating procedures for personal movement & transport, office, warehouse, communications, incident report sheets, etc asset protection) and in coordination with the development of Help's global security tools

- Develop appropriate safety and security protocols depending on the nature of specific threats such as IEDs, VBIEDs, mortar attacks, shelling, UXOs, landmine, IT, or for cash management.

- Ensure safety and security dimensions are factored into all operational activities such as programming (including budget), advocacy and communication.

- Assist programme and operations managers enhancing standards in relation to safety and security

- Coordinate with Admin and Log Co's to ensure field staff know how to identify health risks in the area, how to protect against illness, injury and stress, and how to obtain proper support, medical treatment or medevac if needed.

- Work with administrative / logistics staff to ensure appropriate steps are taken to safeguard premises, equipment and property (guards, locks, lighting, alarms, and fire equipment, communication devices).

- Develop a network of contacts among local actors to facilitate Help's work and enhance the security of Help's operations.

- Organise and circulate relevant safety and security information to the staff and provide an opportunity for employees to voice Safety and/or Security-related concerns.

- Contribute to the security of humanitarian community by share relevant security related information

- Ensure timely and accurate reporting of safety and security incidents as well as analysis and evaluation of each incidents for learning and improvement of Help’s Security Risk Management.

- Coordinate training in safety and security ensuring that staff have the necessary equipment and are trained accordingly.

- Ensure that project proposals and operational plans budgets include safety and security plans.

- Ensure that all incoming visitors receive a security briefing and information as well as a debriefing before departure to receive their feedback (which may be considered for improvements).

- Ensure all staff understand and fulfil individual and collective responsibilities for safety and security. Where necessary) compliance safety and security standards and procedures.

- Supervise if staff are adhering to the security and safety rules and regulations and report failure to do so to the Country Director and Programme Manager at HQ.


Involved in…

Reports - Frequencies

Defining programs

YES            NO

Monthy security report; higher frequency if security situation requires

Project drafting:

YES             NO

To be aware of the security constraints, no go areas, protection and particular measures to take

Preparation of budgets and financial reports

YES             NO

For the consideration of acceptance and protection considerations.




Academic training


Law, political science, statistics or other similar

Specific knowledge / desirable skills:


  • Operational Security Management
  • Ability to plan, organise and resolve.
  • Good communication skills

Necessary previous experience:


  • Experience in security management
  • 2 years experience as coordinator in a security related field (security, logistics, country coordinator) in a Human Aid organisation


Personal characteristics required:


  • Intercultural awareness
  • Experience in the coordination of personnel, monitoring and

Program evaluation



English and Arabic (working knowledge), German is an asset

IT software knowledge:


Fluent in Windows (MS Office)

Required travel (national & international):




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